Callenders Hailsham T bone Steak

6oz Beef Burger 12.95
Prime beef steak minced and simply flattened to a patty, topped with cheese & bacon and served in a toasted brioche bun. Chips and salad included.

Vegetarian Burger 10.95
Topped with roasted vegetables, in a toasted bun. Chips and salad included.

Beef Fillet Steaks 25.95 or 15.95
The most Tender & Lean, cut to order choose 8oz or 4oz.

20 oz T-bone Steak 28.95
The best of both; Sirloin and Fillet, on the bone, truly special.

10 oz Sirloin Steak 18.95
Beautifully marbled and full of flavour. Top Quality.

Marinated Chicken Breast 12.95.
Delicious served on a portion of roasted herb new potatoes and med veg.

Venison Steak 14.95.
Locally shot, Wild Venison haunch steak
served with your choice of salad or vegetables.

Don’t forget those finishing touches
Surf ‘n’ Turf skewer of 6 sweet chili prawns £5.50
Onion Rings £5. Cauliflower Cheese £5.Mini Mc & Cheese £5 Peppercorn, Blue Cheese Sauce or Creamy Garlic Sauce £3.